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  • Desex in the City - Dogs

    Author: Manager - October 2015
    Source: SCARS
    SOLD OUT but we are trying to obtain more funding to continue this in 2017. Then you will be able to desex your dog for only $119. The subsidised desexing vouchers are for dog owners with genuine financial hardship. If you have a concession card or pensioner card please bring it along.
    As with the Cat program please come to the Refuge to purchase your voucher and then contact one of the following vets to arrange for your dog's procedure. The voucher only covers simple desexing no complications or extras.

    Sunshine Beach Vets
    Greencross Vets Caloundra

    Author: DJR - 26 April 2012
    Source: Refuge
    Tribute to our Army Dogs. Click though to read the amazing stories of our brave Australian army dogs, some of who came from our refuge, and the story of Sarbi, the Purple Cross recipient.
  • Easter & ANZAC Hours 2017

    Author: PB - 4 April 2012
    Source: SCARS
    We will be closed Good Friday and Easter Sunday. Open Easter Saturday 10am to 5pm. We will also be closed Anzac Day. Click through to our Army Dogs article above.


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We always have something coming up to help with fundraising or to promote animal ownership education, and it is often a business or community group holding a fundraiser for us.

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