Golden Oldies and Special Needs

Our mature dogs and cats deserve a loving home but are often overlooked. They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but they (and the cats) may surprise you. We are always overjoyed when our mature animals are re-homed.

All golden oldies are available at a special price to the right home so feel free to browse through below and then come in to meet them.

  • Name: Angel
    Breed: Domestic Short Hair
    Age: 10 1/2 years
    Sex: Female
    Adoption Fee: $75
    Summary: Angel is just that. She came to the refuge with two other cats through no fault of her own and now needs a loving new home. Angel has such a sweet and charming nature that warms the heart. She is ..
  • Angel

  • Name: Cassie
    Breed: Domestic Short Hair
    Age: 10 1/2 Years
    Sex: Female
    Adoption Fee: $75
    Summary: Cassie is a divine, affectionate and wonderful natured senior girl that is looking for a home she can retire in. She is a very friendly girl that will come up for a head and chin scratch. Cassie i..
  • Cassie

  • Name: Crystal
    Breed: Domestic Short Hair
    Age: 10 years 11 months
    Sex: Female
    Adoption Fee: $75
    Summary: Come in and meet the wonderful Crystal. She is such an easy going girl that is very sweet natured. Crystal has lived with a dog previously and seems to be fine to be picked up for short cuddles. C..
  • Crystal

  • Name: Tess *(Special Needs)*
    Breed: Kelpie
    Age: 5 Years
    Sex: Female
    Adoption Fee: $175
    Summary: CURRENTLY UNDER INTERVIEW WITH FOSTER TO ADOPT: Tess is a very special girl and has won the hearts of many here at the refuge. We are looking for an experienced dog carer who understands her r..
  • Tess *(Special Needs)*

  • Name: Teaky "Special Needs"
    Breed: Poodle
    Age: 9 1/2 Years
    Sex: Male
    Adoption Fee: $325
    Summary: Meet Teaky he is such a wonderful natured boy with a heart of gold. Teaky came to us from the Pound unclaimed by his owner and is now looking for a loving home and family that will treasure him fo..
  • Teaky "Special Needs"