Lost and Found

If you have lost your dog or cat, first always visit the Sunshine Coast Council web site at or ring their customer service number (07) 5475 7272. They have photos of all found and impounded animals on their website, so check with them regularly. If your dog or cat is micro-chipped and/or registered with your contact details on the animal’s collar, there is a much higher chance of being reunited.

If you are on Facebook, there are numerous pages you can post your missing/found pet on.
Queensland Lost Pet Register.   People who aren’t on Facebook are also able to list their missing / found pets via their website -
Sunshine Coast Lost and Found Animals.

Don't forget to upload your lost pet's photo and information about where and when you lost your pet. Please tell us if you find your pet otherwise the post will remain up for 3 months. Let us know if you want to extend this further. 

If you have found a pet, please check below. If the pet is not listed, please contact the Sunshine Coast Regional Council Pound located on Sippy Creek Road, Tanawha next door to us.  It is clearly signposted, but please check their opening times as you may need to hold onto the pet until they are open.  The council should be able to track the owner. If you can, also notify your closest veterinary surgery as most people check with them to see if their pet has been handed in. If the pound is not open, your local vet or we can scan for a microchip. The following beloved pets have been lost or found in the Sunshine Coast region recently. If you see or find any of them, please contact the owner via the details listed.

If you have lost or found a pet,

please click here and complete the form

 (spell locations correctly if possible please and be specific), and attach a recent picture.

  • Name: Luna
    Breed: Domestic short hair
    Sex: Female
    Micro-Chipped: Yes
    De-Sexed: Yes
    Date Lost: Wednesday 11th July
    Lost at: 1/139 Amarina Avenue Mooloolaba
    Additional Info: Luna is a black, domestic short haired cat with green eyes and walks with her tail up. She is a petite build and has a small scar near her eye. She is about 5 and wearing a high visibility green collar with 2 blue tags. She is desexed, microchipped and council registered. She was last seen on Wednesday 11th in Mooloolaba. She is a children’s pet and is very loved and missed.
    Personal Message: We miss our dear little Luna. We have put up posters and done a letterbox drop. We would love her to come home.
    Contact Name: Chris
    Contact Number: 0422615102
  • Name: Tiny
    Breed: ragdoll we think
    Sex: Male
    Micro-Chipped: Don't know
    De-Sexed: No
    Date Lost: 9/7/2018
    Lost at: 22 janderra st Buderim
    Additional Info: Tiny is a ginger and white male fluffy cat his a big cat. he has green/yellow eyes with a blue bow collar.
    Personal Message: Had a message to say he might have been seen along Nyes crescent and gwynore ct buderim on the 12/7/2018.
    Contact Name: Chantelle Darcy
    Contact Number: 0415446178
  • Name: Gizmo
    Breed: DSH
    Sex: Female
    Micro-Chipped: Yes
    De-Sexed: Yes
    Date Lost: March 2015
    Lost at: Edwin Dr Landsborough 4550
    Additional Info: Grey & White
    Personal Message:
    Contact Name: Lynne
    Contact Number: 0457489811
  • Name: Shadow
    Breed: Russian blue
    Sex: Male
    Micro-Chipped: Don't know
    De-Sexed: Yes
    Date Lost: Monday 25th of June 2018
    Lost at: 9 Lyon street dicky beach 4551
    Additional Info: All grey fur. Desexed. Russian blue. Super friendly and vocal. Blue collar when last seen.
    Personal Message: Much loved family pet. $250 offered for safe return.
    Contact Name: Patricia
    Contact Number: 0403168928
  • Name: Tinky
    Breed: Ragdoll cross
    Sex: Female
    Micro-Chipped: No
    De-Sexed: Yes
    Date Lost: Saturday 9th June
    Lost at: 5 Tudor Court Beerwah 4519
    Additional Info: Black and white, was without a collar
    Personal Message:
    Contact Name: Kelsey
    Contact Number: 0452389979
  • Name: Aces
    Breed: Domestic Shorthair
    Sex: Male
    Micro-Chipped: Yes
    De-Sexed: Yes
    Date Lost: Saturday 2nd June 2018
    Lost at: 64 School Road Maroochydore qld 4558
    Additional Info: Aces is a 4 year old short hair domestic cat he is dark gray colour with black through him with green eyes he has a black collar with two tags one a blue colour and the other a yellow colour with a silver cat bell and faded blue bell and an ID tag with owners details on it.
    Personal Message: I am looking for my little buddy Aces who went missing on Saturday 2nd of June 2018. I am very worried about his where abouts and also frightened that he may be stuck down a drain and can’t find his way out or home. I am missing him very much as well as his mate Phoenix this is the first time he has gone missing like this and all I want is for Aces to be home.
    Contact Name: Crystal
    Contact Number: 0400728202
  • Name: Shiny
    Breed: Ragdoll Cross
    Sex: Male
    Micro-Chipped: Yes
    De-Sexed: Yes
    Date Lost: 01 June 2018
    Lost at: 31 BANKS CRES, Baringa Qld 4551
    Additional Info: 2 Year Old Creamy Ginger very fluffy cat with blue collar
    Personal Message: If you find Shiny, please give me a call, as he is very sadly missed.
    Contact Name: Mario Patane
    Contact Number: 0448840620
  • Name: Syd
    Breed: Bull Arab
    Sex: Male
    Micro-Chipped: Yes
    De-Sexed: No
    Date Lost: 6/12/2017
    Lost at: 1/3 Catherine St golden beach Caloundra
    Additional Info: Black & white bull Arab Friendly big black Dot On his bum about 10yrs old.
    Personal Message: Love him more than life $500 reward.
    Contact Name: Syd
    Contact Number: 0415034742
  • Name: Lilly
    Breed: Kitten
    Sex: Female
    Micro-Chipped: No
    De-Sexed: No
    Date Lost: 27/05/2018 Sunday
    Lost at: 4/28 Birch Street Caloundra west
    Additional Info: 6 weeks old tortoiseshell
    Personal Message: Missing kitten her name is Lilly she’s 6 weeks old
    She’s overly friendly
    Much loved family pet

    Contact Name: Tinika Clarkson
    Contact Number: 0402683695
  • Name: Badja
    Breed: Border Collie
    Sex: Male
    Micro-Chipped: Yes
    De-Sexed: Yes
    Date Lost: Tuesday 22nd May 2018, lunchtime
    Lost at: 126 Hardwood Road, Landsborough
    Additional Info: Black/white Border Collie, male, medium coated recently bathed so coat is very soft and shiny. Microchipped/desexed nearly four years old, no collar. Classic markings, white muzzle with thin blaze between eyes,full white collar/chest, white front legs, white hind feet, bushy black/brown tail with white on end! Has one black pad on front off-side front paw!
    Personal Message: Badja is very friendly but was spooked by neighbour doing a burn off so he's very frightened and scared. Last seen at home on Hardwood Road, has been missing since lunchtime.Please help bring this little man home safely, any information or sightings would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
    Contact Name: Cora
    Contact Number: 0754948899
  • Name: Mr Tibbs
    Breed: DSH
    Sex: Male
    Micro-Chipped: Yes
    De-Sexed: Yes
    Date Lost: 16/05/2018
    Lost at: Kuthar Street Pelican Waters
    Additional Info: He is Grey with green eyes around 6 years old and a bit chubby. He was wearing a red collar.
    Personal Message: Much loved member of the family. Kids are devastated.
    Contact Name: Elaine Hughes
    Contact Number: 0438039233
  • Name: Duncan
    Breed: Kelpie
    Sex: Male
    Micro-Chipped: Yes
    De-Sexed: No
    Date Lost: Mon 30 april 2018
    Lost at: 400 Lake Cooroibah Road
    Additional Info: Silver faun kelpie
    2 years
    blue collar

    Personal Message: Reward
    Contact Name: Jill
    Contact Number: 0408812216
  • Name: Missing
    Breed: Bull Mastiff
    Sex: Female
    Micro-Chipped: Yes
    De-Sexed: Don't know
    Date Lost: 24/12/15
    Lost at: Peachester
    Additional Info: Missing Tan Female, Bull Mastiff from Peachester 24/12/15
    Personal Message:
    Contact Name: Sarah
    Contact Number: 0432420592