Dogs & Puppies

We have dogs and puppies big and small, all breeds and personalities. Your new dog will require lots of company, exercise, time and training to ensure a long and happy life. Please choose well to ensure the right dog for you, and that you are right for the dog, as it will always need to be part of your family’s demographics. We reserve the right to sell any animal in the refuge to you, and terms and conditions of sale are in place to ensure the long term welfare of the animals.

If you are renting you will need to bring in a formal rental agreement from your landlord or real estate agent clearly stating how many dogs you are allowed on the property.  If you own the home the dog will be living at, please bring a copy of your current rates notice. If you own another dog you will need to do a 'match up' with the dog you are interested in, and all the family need to meet and greet your potential new pet.
Make sure you know your local council regulations on dog ownership. We refer you to Local Law No 2 (Animal Management) 2011 in particular to fencing. "Dog owners are responsible for preventing their dogs from roaming and causing a nuisance. Suitable fenced enclosures are required to contain dogs on properties. The enclosure must be suitably constructed to prevent the animal from escaping". 

We may need to do a check on your fences, and an interview process may be required for some of our animals.

Prices begin at around $200 which includes vaccination, micro-chipping, worming and de-sexing for grown-up dogs. Another $200 is required for a puppy which will be refunded when you bring the puppy back for de-sexing. Ownership will not legally transfer to you until the puppy is returned for de-sexing.  
All the dogs and puppies you see below are currently staying with us at the Refuge.  Please note that although our website is updated as soon as we adopt, there is a chance that the animal you may be interested in may have been adopted by the time you visit them on site, so the sooner you visit us, the sooner you may have a wonderful friend to take home with you.

  • Name: Benji
    Breed: Staffordshire Bull Terrier X
    Age: 3 1/2 years
    Sex: Male
    Adoption Fee: $350
    Summary: Benji is a sweet natured guy that is looking for that special someone to bond with that has experience with the staffy breed. He appears to have had some obedience training and corrects up well on..
  • Benji

  • Name: Bentley
    Breed: Greyhound cross
    Age: 1 year
    Sex: Male
    Adoption Fee: $350.00
    Summary: Bentley is a young well natured dog who will need a bit of training and guidance. He is a very friendly boy who loves to play with other dogs and toys. So he needs some new play mates to socialis..
  • Bentley

  • Name: Cash
    Breed: Koolie
    Age: 18 months
    Sex: Male
    Adoption Fee: $425.00
    Summary: Cash is a lovely boy, very friendly and happy. Like most working breeds, this boy will require plenty of exercise and room to move, not suitable for small backyards or suburbia. You should have s..
  • Cash

  • Name: Chief
    Breed: Amercian Staffordshire Cross Shar Pei
    Age: 8 months
    Sex: Male
    Adoption Fee: $350
    Summary: Chief is a energetic and outgoing young fellow with lots of playful energy and is would make a great jogging partner. Chief will benefit from continued training and socialisation to make him a wel..
  • Chief

  • Name: Cora 100+ Club
    Breed: Kelpie x Staffy x Mixed breed
    Age: 1 year 6 months
    Sex: Female
    Adoption Fee: $295
    Summary: Cora is a just a young girl, that is looking for that special someone to bond with. She has a sweet and affectionate nature once she gets to know you. Cora is needs a confident, experienced owner who ..
  • Cora 100+ Club

  • Name: Fritz
    Breed: German Short Haired Pointer x Boxer
    Age: 1 Year
    Sex: Male
    Adoption Fee: $350
    Summary: * Currently in foster care, please call refuge to arrange a meet and greet 0754945275 * Fritz is a gentle soul with a sweet and soft nature looking for a family to give him plenty of T.L.C. Fritz ..
  • Fritz

  • Name: Frodo
    Breed: American Staffy x Boxer
    Age: 1 year 9 months
    Sex: Male
    Adoption Fee: $350
    Summary: Frodo is a gorgeous boy! Happy, excitable and eager to please:) This boy will suit energetic owners who will guide this boy with his basic obedience and let him be part of a family. This boy can ..
  • Frodo

  • Name: Kirk
    Breed: Dalmatian Cross
    Age: 12 months
    Sex: Male
    Adoption Fee: $350.00
    Summary: Meet Kirk! He is a beautiful young fellow with a sweet and affectionate nature. He does have a playful energy and would love a long walk everyday. He will make a great companion for the right owne..
  • Kirk

  • Name: Leo
    Breed: Basenji X Border Collie
    Age: 11 months
    Sex: Male
    Adoption Fee: $350
    Summary: Meet this fun loving and happy natured boy! Leo was surrendered by his owner because he could not keep him any more. Leo is a confident, playful and active pup that needs strong leadership and be ..
  • Leo

  • Name: Maisie
    Breed: Jack Russell Terrier
    Age: 5 years 8 months
    Sex: Female
    Adoption Fee: $450
    Summary: Maisie is a very happy and active little girl, who is fine around children and is good with most other dogs she has met, often preferring dogs of same size. Maisie is house trained and sleeps insi..
  • Maisie

  • Name: Maple
    Breed: Staffy
    Age: 1 year 1 months
    Sex: Female
    Adoption Fee: $350
    Summary: Meet Maple, she is a sweet natured girl who doesn't really know how to be a dog. Here in the refuge she is very quiet and cautious of new things, but once she does make friends, it's game on! Ma..
  • Maple

  • Name: Pammy
    Breed: Bull Arab x Mastiff
    Age: 1 year
    Sex: Female
    Adoption Fee: $350.00
    Summary: Pammy was surrendered to the pound and is looking for a new home. She will need a good leader to help guide her and some obedience training to help her adjust to her new home. She is very excited ..
  • Pammy

  • Name: Shelby
    Breed: Staffordshire Bull Terrier X
    Age: 18 months
    Sex: Female
    Adoption Fee: $350.00
    Summary: Meet Shelby! Shelby is a playful and active young girl who has some basic obedience. She will benefit from continued training, guidance and be kept well socialised so she becomes a well rounded ca..
  • Shelby

  • Name: Charlie
    Breed: Neo Mastiff Cross
    Age: 3 Months
    Sex: Female
    Adoption Fee: $375.00 + $200 desex bond
    Summary: Cute little Charlie is a lovely young fellow who will grow into a large adult dog. He has been been in foster care with other dogs and cats. Charlie is looking forward to joining a new family, going ..
  • Charlie

  • Name: Ozzie
    Breed: Australian Bull Dog
    Age: 2 years
    Sex: Male
    Adoption Fee: $475.00
    Summary: Ozzie is a very confident and outgoing natured boy. If you want a slobberchops look no further! Ozzie is happy to meet other dogs of any size (lived with a chihuahua), good with children and visit..
  • Ozzie

  • Name: Willow
    Breed: Bull Arab x
    Age: 1 year 2 months
    Sex: Female
    Adoption Fee: $350
    Summary: Willow is a fun and active girl looking for a loving new family to play with. She is still very much a pup and is learning some additional obedience training and we are continuing with positive so..
  • Willow

  • Name: Tiger
    Breed: Boxer x
    Age: 2 years
    Sex: Female
    Adoption Fee: $350.00
    Summary: Introducing Tiger! She is a beautiful girl with a sweet and soft nature .Tiger had lived with another dog in her previous home, however does lack some life skills being a bit wary of new places an..
  • Tiger