Dogs & Puppies

We have dogs and puppies big and small, all breeds and personalities. Your new dog will require lots of company, exercise, time and training to ensure a long and happy life. Please choose well to ensure the right dog for you, and that you are right for the dog, as it will always need to be part of your family and suit your lifestyle. We reserve the right to sell any animal in the refuge to you, and terms and conditions of sale are in place to ensure the long term welfare of the animals.

If you are renting through a real estate agent, we will ask to see the formal rental agreement stating “dog allowed” from your landlord or real estate agent (or an email if your lease is not up to date). If you are renting privately, we ask for a letter from the landlord giving permission for a dog, plus a copy of their rates notice to show proof of ownership.  If you are a home owner, please bring a copy of your current rates notice to show proof of ownership. If you live in a unit or townhouse, we will also ask to see approval from the body corp to own a dog - this applies even if you own your own home.

This might sound like a lot of paperwork to provide to adopt a dog, but we want to ensure that once a dog is adopted, it is adopted for life and we want to try to reduce the circumstances that may result in a dog having to be returned to us. We thank you for understanding this.

If you own another dog we will ask you to bring your dog in to do a 'match up' with the dog you are interested in to ensure they get along. Also, all the family should meet and greet your potential new pet.

Make sure you know your local council regulations on dog ownership. We refer you to Local Law No 2 (Animal Management) 2011 in particular to fencing. "Dog owners are responsible for preventing their dogs from roaming and causing a nuisance. Suitable fenced enclosures are required to contain dogs on properties. The enclosure must be suitably constructed to prevent the animal from escaping". 

We may need to do a check on your fences, and an interview process may be required for some of our animals.

Prices begin at around $200 which includes vaccination, micro-chipping, worming and de-sexing for grown-up dogs. A bond of $200 is required for a puppy which will be refunded to you when you bring the puppy back for de-sexing. Ownership will not legally transfer to you until the puppy is returned for de-sexing.  
All the dogs and puppies you see below are currently staying with us at the Refuge.  Please note that although our website is updated as soon as we adopt, there is a chance that the animal you may be interested in may have been adopted by the time you visit them on site, so the sooner you visit us, the sooner you may have a wonderful friend to take home with you.

  • Name: Bailey💯+ Club
    Breed: Weimaraner x
    Age: 4 yrs 2 mths
    Sex: Male
    Adoption Fee: $350
    Summary: Bailey is a gorgeous boy who just loves to be part of the family. We adopted Bailey out as a puppy and we're very sad to see him back here. This guy would love a home with plenty of room to run ..
  • Bailey💯+ Club

  • Name: Bella
    Breed: Kelpie x
    Age: 13 years 9 mths
    Sex: Female
    Adoption Fee: $295.00
    Summary: *CURRENTLY IN FOSTER CARE. Please contact the office to arrange a meet & greet on 54945275* Bella is a beautiful older girl looking for a loving home. Bella is still pretty active for her ag..
  • Bella

  • Name: Ella
    Breed: Kelpie
    Age: 1 year 2 months
    Sex: Female
    Adoption Fee: $350
    Summary: Ella is a beautiful, working breed girl who craves a healthy work life environment. She is very intelligent like most kelpies and is looking for a home that understands the breed and their needs ..
  • Ella

  • Name: Evie
    Breed: English Staffy
    Age: 1 year 6 months
    Sex: Female
    Adoption Fee: $350.00
    Summary: Staffy lovers, meet Evie, a lovely brindle and white girl. Evie just adores people and wants to be with them all the time, so we are looking for a home where her new family will be there more oft..
  • Evie

  • Name: Goofy
    Breed: Wolfhound x Bull Arab
    Age: 11 months
    Sex: Male
    Adoption Fee: $350
    Summary: ** CURRENTLY IN FOSTER CARE Please contact refuge on 5494 5717 to arrange a meet and greet** As his name suggests, Goofy is a big happy boy with a lovely nature. As he is still a pup, he will ben..
  • Goofy

  • Name: Honey
    Breed: Ridgeback x Staffy
    Age: 9 years 5 months
    Sex: Female
    Adoption Fee: $350
    Summary: IN FOSTER CARE - Please call our office on 5494 5275 to book a time to meet Honey. Meet our darling older girl Honey, she is as sweet as her name suggests!! This beautiful girl has come to us t..
  • Honey

  • Name: Prudence
    Breed: Australian Koolie x
    Age: 1 year 2 months
    Sex: Female
    Adoption Fee: $350
    Summary: Meet Prudence, a Koolie x girl with such a beautiful nature! Prudence previous owners have done a fabulous job teaching her the ways of a well mannered pooch. She walks wonderfully on lead, lov..
  • Prudence

  • Name: Tyson
    Breed: Bull Arab X
    Age: 3 years
    Sex: Male
    Adoption Fee: $350.00
    Summary: Tyson is a big beautiful boy. He will need a physically fit owner to guide him in the right direction and provide some obedience training and further socialisation. This will ensure that Tyson wi..
  • Tyson

  • Name: Zeke
    Breed: Bull Arab x Labrador
    Age: 16 months
    Sex: Male
    Adoption Fee: $350
    Summary: Handsome and lovable Zeke is quite the man! He loves a good belly scratch and will often nod off while having one to show his appreciation. Zeke is very much a puppy still and will most likely d..
  • Zeke

  • Name: Zola💯+ Club
    Breed: Bull Arab x Weimaraner
    Age: 1 year 5 months
    Sex: Female
    Adoption Fee: $350.00
    Summary: Playful, affectionate and goofy is our girl Zola! Zola is a large dog and this should be considered before adopting, especially if you have young children as she is likely to "bowl them over" in ..
  • Zola💯+ Club