New Beginnings

Below you will find news from our happily re-homed dogs and cats. They will tell you about their new life and their new owners, their new friends and their new experiences. Please send your stories in to 

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  • Coco

    Date taken home: Dec 17 Coco is wonderful, she loves wandering the house. Coco is a bit high strung with all the changes, but she lets me pick her up for a short period of time every now and then and she loves her food, every time I rustle the food she comes flying, but she doesn't have good traction on the wooden floor because her nails are long. We put out 3 litter trays for the cats to get used to and Coco uses all three. Thanks, Anne-Maree

  • Indi

    Date taken home: Jan 2018 Hi, We adopted Indie just a few of weeks ago and wanted to let you know she’s settled in really well! She’s got an adorable personality and is a very cute little girl - even if she does insist breakfast be served at 5am. She loves playing, sleeping, eating (I think she gained 1kg in a week!) and her ocean views 😊 Thanks, Amy and Scott

  • Zara & Clio

    Date taken home: Jan 18 Hi all, I promised Trudy an update on Pazzo (now Zara) & Posy (now Clio). They have settled in extremely well and are keeping us entertained with their antics. They are full of energy & mischief, and have great fun playing together. They stole our hearts very quickly! Thank you to everyone involved in helping us with the adoption. From Alison & family

  • Smokey

    Date taken home: 2009 Charlie was adopted around 2009 at 12 weeks. He was "smokey" Clearly he has settled in well and has a brother "Zac" pictured here (Zac is the retriever), and a sister "Moët" another cat who he loves just as much as the dog. :)

  • Boof

    Date taken home: Sept 2014 Nearly two years ago , my son and i came and took Boof home….it has taken time and patience but we have the best dog ever…he is a guardian of his human friends and also his small doggie friends. He loves swimming after having to learn, he loves kayaking and being at the beach where he can now go off lead. Please le the previous owner know he is well and happy…devoted and loyal to us…he has been loved dearly and is now comfortable to love again after his surrender which must have been unbelievably traumatic for him and caused his major emotional an separation anxieties…here are a few pics of Boof …you can send them on …regards GEORGINA

  • Ginger

    Date taken home: May 2015 Hello, My mother and I adopted Ginger, the stumpy cattle dog, back in mid May. I just wanted to update you on how she’s going. She’s such a character and it feels like she’s been part of the family for years and years. She loves spotting scrub turkeys on her daily walks, flinging around her pillow pet in excitement, snoozing and playing with next door’s dogs through the fence. Ginger’s an amazing pup and we are so happy to have her. Cheers, Anna

  • Gizmo

    Date taken home: adopted July 2015 Hi, I thought I'd let you know how Gizmo is going. He has fitted into our home beautifully and we love him to bits. He is smoochy, cheeky and adventurous. We couldn't imagine our family without home.

  • Herbie

    Date taken home: Nov 2016 Dear staff and volunteers of the Rescue centre,
    Herbie has now been in his new home for only 2 hours, but I think he’s adjusting, thank you so much, we love him already. Regards Baublys Family

  • Jake

    Date taken home: August 2012 Hi Angela and all the team, Just wanted to send you a few photos and let you know how Jake is going as I have been meaning to for MONTHS!! Well not surprisingly we absolutely adore Jake (how could you not with such a cute face!) It did take him a while to settle in but now that we have bonded we are inseparable! Yes he even comes to work with me! Coco the greyhound and him are great friends although their playing styles are a little different, as Jake likes to play fetch and Coco likes to grab the ball and hide it! Jake LOOOVEEES relaxing on the lounge...unless of course I am doing something interesting like gardening or hanging out cloths, then he is by my side participating! We are so happy that he came into our lives and just want to thank you all so much for making it happen- you all do such fantastic work and it was so great to see how much you all care about finding animals great homes. Thanks again!!

  • Jody

    Date taken home: Dec 2014 Hi! My 4yo son James and I adopted Jodie, a lovely little shy tortoiseshell cat from you just after Xmas and she spent the first 2 weeks hiding, but has really come out and joined in the family! She loves a cuddle, talks a bit and sleeps on my bed. She was a little underweight too but is now quite robust and getting too heavy for James to carry upstairs :) here is a photo of our "Jo" for you. Cheers Bec

  • Kiri

    Date taken home: Sept 2012 When Kiri first came to the refuge she was in shocking condition. She had skin problems and severely underweight. To look at her now, you wouldn't realise this beautiful girl has been to hell and back. Her new human family and furry sisters love her to bits. Kiri is the smart girl in the pic not getting her feet wet.

  • Koko

    Date taken home: June 2013 I added Koko to our feline family 12 months ago & he was accepted immediately by his new "sisters" & "brother'. We absolutely adore him - he is the perfect cat who never puts a claw wrong !
    AS you can see in the photos , he keeps his sisters warm in the winter (he is the big one) & stretches out on the bed with his younger brother in the summer. We can't imagine our furry family without him now. Thanks Sippy Creek,


  • Lucy

    Date taken home: Oct-12 We adopted Lucy (staffy cross) in October. We adopted her the first day we saw he. She is so intelligent, affectionate and gentle. They trained her very well, she is very obedient. She felt at home right away and loves waking us up with a kiss on the forehead in the morning! Thank you!

  • Lulu

    Date taken home: 5/11/16 This is LuLu and Zenji. LuLu is happy here on Kiels mountain. We love her dearly even though she's taken a liking to my Balinese day bed! We are having several dog training lessons a week to train the humans which is great. Thank you to everyone for all your love and care.

  • Maverick

    Date taken home: March 2013 Dear Staff and previous owners of Maverick The Greatest Cat! We really just wanted to tell you how Maverick is going...
    Basically, we think we are so lucky to have found our dream cat! He is quite magnificent in every way and we think he is as happy as we are. We really wanted a lap cat and he is just the biggest smoocher (and very well behaved!) He loves it best when we have a quiet read or watch tv on the couch...he is there in flash and meows and moves around to all of us for a cuddle. We have let him choose where he sleeps this week (instead of his laundry + all his toys) and he has bed-hopped between all of us, much to the kids' delight. I am home pretty much every day and really love his company. He certainly loves his old scratching pole and comb...we also bought a brush which he absolutely adores.

  • Max

    Date taken home: 19-12-13 A pic of max at the beach with Kiba.

  • Milly & Tilly

    Date taken home: 2007 Hi There, I adopted Milly and Tilly in 2007, when they were 4 1/2 years old and in a terrible state. Well, they will be 10 this year and are loving life!! They moved to Sydney with us and back again, and survived the birth of their Human Brother in 2008!! Here is a picture of them with my son. They still have trust issues with new people but are the most amazing, beautiful, loving girls. I could not imagine my life without them. Thanks for bringing us together, Love Lauren

  • Odin

    Date taken home: 29th March 2012 Hello there to all the staff and volunteers at the SC Animal Refuge,
    We adopted Immanual on the 29th of March 2012 (Renamed Odin) he fits right in with family and is much loved. He is rarely far from our other cat as you can see. They are inseparable even when Odin wants to play and Mister doesn't. The children adore him and he receives an in the door hello before i do. He's very active and has taught our other cat to be more active while our other cat has taught him to meow like this and you receive food, =) Thank you so much for finding the perfect addition to our family, we look forward to having him around for many years to come. Thanks, Quin, Lori, Nicholas, Xave and Lucian

  • Haggis

    Date taken home: 2012 We got Opal (now called Haggis) from you last year and she has been a perfect addition to our family. She is best friends with our neighbours dog who also came from the refuge.
    Thank you for everything you all do for the animals. It's a great service and we are very grateful to have got Haggis. Keep up the good work!

  • Pharoah

    Date taken home: Sept 14 AND here we disturbed his afternoon nap !!! He did not want to wake up .. sleeps on the mat near the door and loves snoozing " he is growing so fast " and has GROWN up so much in the last month or so since he came to us ... THANK YOU ... we adore him and he MAKES US LAUGH all the time with his tricks and playtime is so much fun :-) Harri

  • Pirate Puss

    Date taken home: Late 2012 Pirate Puss is doing very well, even sporting a new hair cut for summer!!

  • Pixie

    Date taken home: 2010 We adopted Pixie in 2010 after she had been adopted and returned twice before. We moved with her up to Aurukun ( an indigenous community in Far North Queensland) in 2011. 3 years on she is loved and known all around the town. She loves going on the boat fishing and camping! Pixie is a beautiful dog with a beautiful nature and a friend to our 3 year old and 6 month old daughters. Thank you Sippy Creek for introducing us to our Pixie Pup

  • Ricky

    Date taken home: March 2010 We adopted Ricky then called Riccardo on 30/3/2010 and want to give you an update on the most wonderful dog!
    As you can see he is extremely photogenic and has featured in a book on Noosa dogs and their families and has a full page in the latest 'Salt' magazine.
    He is a popular Noosa dog and is the only one allowed in our local hotel, although we have had to put a stop to the Saturday BBQs as he was putting on too much weight.
    He still loves his coffee in the morning and is a regular customer of Aromas and Cafe le Monde
    In Hastings St. Thank you for letting us adopt him, he is a big favourite with everyone who sees him and we love him to bits. Kim and Lynn

  • Sally

    Date taken home: Late 2012 It's been 5 months now since we came into the refuge and fell in love with the newest member of our family. Sally. From day one Sally settled in like she was apart of the family, and she only got more comfortable from there. When we adopted her, we were told she may have behaviour problems being an escape artist and never be able to walk without a lead. Well today, she won't walk on a lead. Anywhere she goes she walks right beside us. The instant bond between Sally and my 2 year old son was like they were meant to be. They are inseparable, she sleeps at the foot of his bed and they follow each other around all day. We honestly cannot picture life without her and don't know what we did without her. We cannot thank you enough from the bottom of our hearts for bringing Sally to us.

  • Samantha

    Date taken home: Aug-12 Samantha has taken over the house and has her spots she spends sleeping during the day, she will come and give you a rub saying I want something, and mainly it is food. She spends time just sitting at the front door looking out or at the window in the bathroom surveying the outside and getting her fresh air..she likes to run up and down the passage which is her exercise, she is a very clean cat, and has fitted into the household very well, and is very spoilt ! thank you for the opportunity to have another PUSS. She has taken over the house and has her spots she spends sleeping during the day, she will come and give you a rub saying I want something, and mainly it is food, She spends time just sitting at the front door looking out or at the window in the bathroom surveying the outside and getting her fresh air.. she always comes out to take us to bed, at around 8.30pm and then she will sleep at the foot of the bed,,

  • Sandy

    Date taken home: Mid 2012 Here's a little update on our beloved pup. My first and favourite dog Sandy. Aptly renamed due to her extreme love of off leash beach walks. The change in her sweetheart shy personality when she hits the sand is fantastic! She's all play and spins and spends the majority of the walk on her back doing "sand angles". She impressed us no end when she perfectly executed a forward roll-sand angle then spun a 360 on her feet all on one fluid movement. Looked quite chuffed with herself she did.

  • Lady

    Date taken home: Late July Hello, I adopted Shakira yesterday and as you will be able to tell her and Doug are having a great time. No problems at all, she's had a bath & groom (so much fur!) She is so sweet and good all around, we are very happy with the newest family addition

    Her and Doug were just in the back yard running around chasing each other like a couple of lunatics...They must have wanted to take a break - and took a break on the spare bed lol

    Thank you again!

  • Snowy

    Date taken home: Oct 2012 Hi there! My name is Olivia and a few months ago, my mum bought home a beautiful, friendly dog named Snowy. Snowy has settled in comfortably in our home and she gets along really well with our other dog, Marley. The two are pretty much inseparable and won't go anywhere without the other one. Snowy is the most loyal, smart, obedient, friendly and loving dog anyone could have. She was very shy when we first bought her home, but has now opened up a lot more and her confidence is showing through. She is still a little scared during storms, but we always let her and Marley come inside when one comes along and she is instantly a lot happier. There have been a few instances when her and Marley have escaped to go and play in the small river/park around the corner from our house, but they ALWAYS come back with a dirty coat and a big smile. As naughty as the duo can be when they do this, they always stick together and come home side by side.
    Snowy is an incredible dog and she will never be leaving this family for as long as she lives! I just want to say that what you guys do at the refuge is an incredible thing. You manage to give dogs like Snowy a second chance and that is honestly the greatest thing anyone could ever do for an animal. Keep up the great work guys! Love from Olivia, Snowy and Marley xx

    PS, I hope you guys enjoy the photo I sent in! Ha ha ha! Snowy is the white one and Marley is the golden one. Don't worry, they love playing dress ups and they're always willing to happily cooperate! :)

  • Suzie Q

    Date taken home: September 2013 Hello all you lovely people at Sippy Creek Animal rescue refuge. Do you remember me, Suzi Q?
    Some people say that Friday the 13th is an unlucky day but it was the very best for me as that is the day my Mummy adopted me, on Friday 13th of September 2013. I was such a frightened timid little scrap of a Bichon Frize but look at me now. I have lots of games with my Mum, she calls me " her cheeky little possum" but I'm not a possum, I'm a loveable and much loved little girl now and I love to go for rides in Mummy's car and I had Christmas down in Moree NSW with my human friends, Mummy's son and his family. I got lots of presents like chewy treats and 2 pretty collars for Christmas, Father Christmas found me down in Moree I have my own personal groomer now and do you think I look beautiful, my Mummy does. Well it is dinner time so I have to go now Lots of love to all at the Centre. Suzi Q

  • Tess

    Date taken home: December 2013 Hi everyone.
    Just wanted to let you know that Tess has settled into our family really well. Its been five days now since we brought her home. Everyday we're seeing more and more of Tess's beautiful personality coming out and her anxiety disappearing. We know she is frightened of thunder and fireworks so we're prepared, to help her overcome her fears. We've now have also learnt that outdoor flashing xmas lights on our veranda upset her too. So they have now been removed. Tess has been enjoying playtime and walks down to our creek and even decided to have a swim today. She's eating well and sleeping all night in her big comfy bed on our bedroom floor. She loves everyone in our family and we just love her to bits. So glad to have her as part of our family. Thankyou for allowing us to give Tess her forever home.

  • Tessa

    Date taken home: Sept 2012 Hi Everyone, Here are some pictures of Tessa ( aka chloe) Ridgeback x human or so she likes to think.
    She the most affectionate loyal girl, she is my shadow xx

  • Trigger

    Date taken home: June 2015 Hi Everyone, Trigger has settled in and enjoys his new home.

  • Spud

    Date taken home: March 2012. Spud who was once known as Panda is much loved by each and everyone of us and he has a wonderful personality. Spud loves to go to the beach and to go for walks. He has a fettish for gardening and has already remodeled many pot plants and has shortend the garden hose multiple times. He has been impressed with the the taste of the garden sprinkler and gets along perfectly with Pavalova our pet chicken.Spud loves playing with other dogs. We are extremily happy having Spud in the family; its fantastic.Spud has picked up the basics like sit, stay, laydown and fetch.
    Thank you for saving our special boy. Olivia,Owen,Jeremy,Laura and Robert Dickson

  • Patsy

    Date taken home: 2012 Hi Kym and all the other wonderful people that looked after our Patsy. Just wanted to let you all know that the beautiful Patsy has settled in well and loves her new home. She doesn't get too excited about anything, and we have learnt that she hates the surf but is happy to be at the beach just not too close to the water. We love her to bits and she loves the cat, amazing (we actually leave them in the house together and they are fine.) I wanted to keep in touch mainly because you looked after Patsy for so long we thought you would want to know how she was going. We wish you could all see her here in her environment, she is so happy. Kind Regards, Cayleen.

  • Pedro

    Date taken home: Feb-12 I just wanted to let you know how good Pedro has been since the first day we got him, so I sent you a picture of him on his first day with us. He has been great with our cat Daisy and the other dogs.
    Regards Sam Lloyd

  • Pedro

    Date taken home: 2012 Pedro

    Just letting you know Pedro is doing so well. He is so good around cats and dogs and
    is so lovely to every-one, he is a perfect match for us, thank-you so much, from Sophie,Pedro and Family Xxx Ooo

  • Red

    Date taken home: Sep-12 I would just like to thank you on a wonderful new addition to our family - We changed Boris's name to Red. He has settled into our home very well and stays inside with us to sleep at night time. He is loving and learning new things like going to the beach on weekends and daily walks which he loves. He is such a gentleman and a mummy's boy! I look forward to many more years of companionship with this true big man. Kind Regards Trish, Dan and Emma

  • Rover

    Date taken home: 2011 My first day as a volunteer I saw Rover. A gentle boy with a big heart and in need of some love. I fell in love with Rover and it became apparent I couldn't wait to take him home after a couple of visits. I convinced the family and prayed that if he was still there the next week, it was meant to be. He has fitted in perfectly, is a much loved addition. He spends his time playing with our neighbours dog who he loves and with the kids. He is a big cuddler and is so well behaved. I wonder if he realises how lucky we think we are to have him. We are busy planning our next dog friendly holiday together so he truly knows the family that plays together, stays together. Tina.

  • Norbo

    Date taken home: 2009 Our Family adopted Scooby in 2009. He was originally named Norbo, but thought we would give him a name to match his energetic and inquisitive personality. Scooby is such a loving, happy little boy. He loves going for runs, adores the beach and loves cuddles! He is very much loved and is a huge part of the family.Thanks Jasmine

  • Shanna

    Date taken home: 2012 Both Kaos and Shanna tuckered out from a day of playing. Love her to bits and so does Kaos. Kim Luther

  • Sheriff

    Date taken home: Jan-12 Hello to all my friends at the refuge, I just wanted to say thank you very much for taking such good care of me and for finding me my new forever home. My new mum & dad have given me a shorter name I am now called Mack and have a shiny disc around my neck so if I ever get lost somebody will be able to help me find my way home. I am very happy with my new home and feel very loved, even when I am naughty. I can��t seem to help myself at the moment I just love chasing the chooks and when I first went over to the farm part of my home, I thought dad would like me take the whole herd of cows out to the back paddock, he was calling out lots of funny words x$%@##$%% at the time so I am not quite sure what he meant. It is very exciting at my new home with lots of other animals, dams and creeks to swim in, tractors and quads to ride on.

  • Sid

    Date taken home: Jun-12 We adopted Sid yesterday and just can't thank you enough. It's like he's been a member of our family for years! We went on our first 10km run together this morning and it was fantastic. Thanks again xxx The Govers

  • Sid Dom Suzuki

    Date taken home: 2012 Sid, Dom and Suzuki having a great time. Suzanne

  • Squirrel & Shrek

    Date taken home: Jan-12 We adopted Squirrel on a Friday and when we went to have a look at all the kittens he wouldn't leave my Daughter alone, kept climbing on her and sitting on her shoulder. By the time I went out to pay for Squirrel, fill in the paperwork my Daughter had fallen in love with another kitten called Scrumptious and she cried when I said that she couldn't come home with us as well. We ended up going home and having a think about it and on the Saturday morning we went back to adopt her. She was sold just before we arrived and instead we adopted her brother Shrek. Both Squirrel and Shrek are very spoilt and very much loved members of our family and we couldn't imagine life without them. Thank you for taking such good care of them and helping us find the two perfect additions.

  • Stanley

    Date taken home: May-12 Well it's been almost three months since we brought Stanley home to be with Ella.. The two are inseparable, and so much fun to be around, two affection staffies what could go wrong, he's found his voice and sings along morning and night with stories of the day and tales of his dreams, his skin is going well and so are his eyes. Have had him on probiotics which seems to be having a marvellous impact on his healing. He's at home and so is Ella, all's good.

    Thanks again, we've now received two beautiful puppies from your establishment, Ella 18 months ago and now gorgeous Stanley (affectionately known as Spud). All the very best, Kylie & Marcus

  • Cola

    Date taken home: 22-Oct-11 I would just like to say a big thank you to all the volunteers at SCARS, you all do such a wonderful job. Cola (formerly Sullivan) has settled in at home. My son has turned three and Cola is his new best friend, they do everything together and nothing seems to faze Sullivan. He is a beautiful cat and I am so glad he came to live with us, even my husband likes him. Thank you and kind regards Katrina Dick

  • Summah

    Date taken home: May 2012 I adopted Summah from your refuge 04/05/2012. Here are some pictures as promised, of her and our other staffy Rocky, in bed. She has fitted into the family like a glove. The kids adore her and she is Rocky's new BFF. She is adorable. Thanks again. Best wishes and dreams. Fiona, Kody, Sam, Logan & Dan

  • Suzie

    Date taken home: Jan-12 We really appreciated your help and assitance in purchasing a play-mate for our dog Sam.

    Gizmo 1 year old (now Suzie) entered our home mid January after the death of our previous Maltase/Shitzu, she bonded with our other dog, Sam (Maltese/Shitzu x Poodle, who is nearly 9years old, within 5 days and they became the best of friends. Both Sam and Suzie are definitely members of our family and keeps us all amused with their antics. Sam and Suzie playing together at Glasshouse Mountains. Regards Betty and Alex Hay

  • Toula

    Date taken home: Dec-11 Hello to all those who work and volunteer at your wonderful refuge. I recently adopted Toula (formerly Dharma) after losing my beautiful staffy, Winnie, in an accident just before Christmas. She's doing beautifully playing like a silly puppy, chewing the rugs (oh well), wrestling with my Jack Russell (Jasper)and really enjoying her daily walks and swims. Toula doesn't really like to be fussed over too much; just hanging around with Jasper and me is enough. That's what makes her happy. She's a lovely girl and I'm glad that she's come to live with us. Thank you all for the work you do. Kind regards, Susan Colquhoun