The Shelter the Sunshine Coast Community Built 

Will you consider becoming a part of a unique opportunity to build the" Shelter the SC community built"?

SCARS is looking to rebuild its 42 year old dog buildings. We are seeking the support of our community to redo two of the existing buildings that have helped us save and rehome over 20,000 dogs since 1979. We want to create the best and most comfortable, safe environments for our dogs to be in whilst they wait for their forever homes.

In a unique opportunity to be a part of this, we are offering businesses and individuals the opportunity to purchase and 'own' individual pens in each of the new buildings. 

There will be just over 20 pens available. For the cost of $5,000 you will secure your very own pen proudly displaying your personalised sign. We will also invite you to commence and renew a monthly donation (for 12 months) to help care for the dogs that move through your pen throughout the year. Care will include vet treatment, food and other special neds to help keep your pooch safe, healthy and happy whilst waiting for his / her home. All of these donations are tax deductible.

For more information please contact or 0438 003 521