New Beginning Archive

  • Leo

    Date taken home: Jan 2014 Hello to everyone at the refuge! It's Leo here. I just wanted to say thank you so much for your love and care while I was at the refuge, and for setting me up in my new home! I live at Alexandra Headland now. I am an indoor cat, but my mum occasionally takes me outside onto the grass using a cat harness. I love to snuggle up to her at night. Seeing as I don't pay rent Mum has put me to work! She is a mobile teacher and sometimes kids come to visit us and learn. I am a great friend to these kids. I am also a good role model for friendship and social skills when it comes to our Special Needs learners. I even have my own page, Leo the Education Cat! Kids and their parents can ask me any questions about education. I miaow the answers and Mum types! I am so smart!
    Mum said to say thank you so much, after her former cat Diamond (also from the Refuge) passed away, she was completely bereft for months. But having me has put a smile back on her dial!
    Love from Leo and Kristen (Leo's Human :P)

  • Alice and Maddy

    Date taken home: late 2011 I just wanted to send you an update on our beautiful girls that we purchased from you late last year, Alice and Maddie have settled in very nicely to our home. They get on great with the kids and our boisterous Labrador. As you can see from the photo they have made themselves very comfortable. Just wanted to thank you for making available such wonderful pets, Alice and Maddie have had no teething problems at all, they have used their kitty litter, scratched on the post, played in the yard during the day and slept together inside with us at night right from day one. It seems like they have always lived here we have had no issues or worries. Thanks once again you have made our household very full and happy. Regards, The Love Family

  • Andi

    Date taken home: 2012 We just wanted to let you know that Andi (named Mandy before) has fitted into our family like she has always been here. Right from the very first night she showed us love and affection and we love everything about her. Andi is well behaved, gives great cuddles, listens to us on walks and never goes too far, has fun with our neighbours dogs and most of all is the happiest dog we know. Andi gets walked every day and her favourite place is the dog beach where she can run and play with us and other dogs. Thank you so much for our forever friend and we want you to know that she is one very happy (spoilt!) dog ��� but worth it. Love Mitch and Cooper Langan

  • Ali

    Date taken home: 2012 We recently visited you again, with Ali, our beautiful adopted Staffy. She was Ava, we changed it immediately to Ali. One of the staff asked for some photos of her, to put on your site, so here they are. David Lynne

  • Banjo

    Date taken home: 6-Nov-10 Banjo is doing great. He is loving and sweet and he is 9 now and we don't regret choosing him for a single second. He might be old, but he is just so full of love and kisses for anyone. My kids love him and he loves them. He has a second lease on life and bounds around like a teen whenever it's time for walks or feeds or play. He loves the beach and is great off the lead. He always comes back when he is called and listens intently when we talk to him.
    Candy Bowden

  • Baron

    Date taken home: 29-Feb-12 Just a short note to let you all know that Baron the german shepherd has fitted in really well with our Maremma. All is well and we are slowly getting a bit more weight on him, he doesn't bother with our goats but he is still taking a fancy to the odd bucket or shoe that he finds.
    Thanks again, Regards Ann and Jack

  • Rusty

    Date taken home: 7-Oct-11 We thought we would take the opportunity to thank your staff for the help in finding our new family member in Beans now known as Rusty. We adopted him on 7th of October 2011. After trying to coax him into the car for about 40mins whilst trying to leave the refuge Rusty now loves going for drives with the family. He has brought us so much laughter and love to our household. He is still a big puppy and enjoys his playtime with the kids after school. Rusty has been easy to train and is very obedient and a loyal family dog. We cannot imagine our lives without Rusty being apart of it. Thanks to all your staff once again to have a facility to be able to adopt such a beautiful animal. Kind Regards The Kimball Family.

  • Sola

    Date taken home: 2012 Hi everyone, we adopted Bindi from you about 2 months ago and wanted to give you an update. Her name is now Sola and she has fit so well into our family. She is great to walk and has calmed down into a little snuggle pot. She gets along with the cats and is great friends with our other dog. Thank you so much for the work you do, we feel so blessed to have her in our lives. These pics are from her first birthday yesterday haha
    Thanks again Kate and Sam Bennett

  • Bonnie

    Date taken home: 30-Jul-11 To the wonderful staff at Sippy Creek Animal Refuge, When we adopted our gorgeous Bonnie (Bonita) girl she was very shy and hid behind one of our trees for a day or so. She soon warmed to us and now she is completely at home at her new home with her forever family. She is now a playful, loyal, confident, spoilt girl. She is extremely active and loves her walks especially the beach. She likes to interact with the other dogs and chase birds. All in all she is such a good dog. She is obedient, loyal and loving. We feel so blessed to have her as our first dog, in our first home. Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to love and care for Bonnie. It's been great for our own health as we have never walked so much and been so active. She can understand both the Australian (Phoebe) and Irish (Keith) languages. (abbr)

  • Bonny

    Date taken home: Oct-11 Bonny has done very well settling in, claiming our bed as her own but also loves spending her days out on our big back deck watching the birds and trying to catch flies. Thank you for spending so being so patient with me when I up there trying to decide between her and Mrs Beasley. She's still not entirely sure about our dog but she's learning that he won't hurt her and he usually just prefers to sleep all day as he is a big sooky mastiff. She's a funny, loving and playful character who fits right in with our family. Thanks again, from Felicity, Matt, Bonny the Cat, Boof the Dog and Mindi the Snake.

  • Bruce

    Date taken home: Oct-11 Bruce is doing awesome, so settled here. He follows me everywhere and knows just before its time to walk to get the kids!
    He even has some friends he sees at the beach regularly, he's very friendly. He is absolutely my best friend and secretly sleeps on my bed lol! Rach

  • Bubba

    Date taken home: a couple of years Hi everyone!!
    It's Bubba here I don't know if you remember me but I thought I'd give you an update on how I'm doing!! I am over 4 years old now and LOVING LIFE in Mandurah Western Australia. My mum and Dad moved here 2 years ago and put me on an aeroplane!! It was scary but I was happy to see them at the other end. All is going great and I want to thank you for introducing me to my owners. We have a new addition to the family now, a little baby boy and he is so cool! We are best friends!! I have added some pictures, hopefully someone will remember me.
    Thanks again
    Bubba (Mouse)

  • Buster

    Date taken home: 2011 Just a quick note to say hi and many thanks for suggesting Buster to us. He has fitted in very well, is obedient and a quick learner. Sit, stay, drop, roll over, chase your tail.Can't wait to see what more he is capable of. He loves the cubby house and waiting his turn for a slide- the kids also think this is just the best. He also loves the beach- and he'll love it more when he's allowed off the lead there (bit more training required there- just too excitable).We can't get over how lucky we were/are so once again all at Sippy Creek, many thanks.
    Rachel Murray

  • Charlie

    Date taken home: 2012 Charlie has settled in so well and is a very happy boy, very gentle and loving. I am taking him to dog obedience classes once a week and he is becoming a lot more confident around other dogs, not nearly as anxious as he was when we adopted him. He sleeps in our laundry at night and then in the morning its straight into our bed for cuddles, he gets in the middle between my hubby and me and of course with his long legs doesn't worry about how much space he takes up, but he so enjoys that time of day with us, he is such a cuddly boy. He goes back to sleep and then we all get up and off for our morning walk which Charlie just loves, he walks really well off lead now around the creek and comes when we call him he is an intelligent boy and learns his commands very quickly. So as you can see Charlie was meant to be our new boy, thank you so much for allowing us to adopt Charlie, your organisation is just amazing and I do hope people continue to buy their dogs and cats from your refuge. Charlie is sending you all a big lick. Janine, David & Charlie

  • Renji

    Date taken home: Apr-11 Cuba who is now Renji has grown into a handsome and wonderful dog of personality. He is a social butterfly after being to puppy school, and now weighs 26.8kg. He plays with other dogs, keeps away from cats and loves hanging around with the horses eating the food they drop. I wish to donate the $100 desexing bond back to assist you in the wonderful work you do. Danielle Hill-McKay

  • Darcy

    Date taken home: March 2014 Darcy is settling in well. Living it up!!

  • Ella

    Date taken home: Taken home 6/10/10 Ella has been a much loved member of our family who made herself quite at home immediately. She is the most relaxed cat ever as nothing seems to concern her, she loves the clumsy licks from our other refuge puppy Rex, and will melt in the arms of any new visitors, and if you sit down, you can expect a warm cat on your lap. She also loves to follow me or my husband around the property when we're gardening or hanging out washing etc and will stay with us as long as we are out there to supervise our work. We abandoned the use of a cat bed as she like to find a new spot to sleep every day, some of which make us laugh. In short, she is an amazing cat who gets on with everyone and will even usually come when you call her. Love her to bits, thank you so much.
    Janell, Dave Ash & Rex

  • Gibba

    Date taken home: Sep-12 Hi -asked to send you a photo of Leo and Gibba (nee Charity) - they adore each other. She is really home and settled and loved by Leo and many of his neighbours.
    She has a leash on in this photo because we were about to go out.
    Regards Jan

  • Girlie

    Date taken home: 2012 Almost two months ago after careful consideration and years of wishing, I finally got the dog I always wanted. The staff there Kim, Bec, and Ange to name a few helped me greatly in choosing the right dog for us. As a first time dog owner I had many questions. We chose Girlie who was a definite favourite of the volunteers. Girlie is Such a sweetheart. Everyone that meets her tells her she's such a lovely, beautiful, sweet dog. We can't imagine how anyone could give her up. We had a training session at the refuge and she is much better on the lead and responds to voice commands well. We think all the hard work is done already. She fits really easy into our family she has a healthy respect for Dutchie our cat. As I write this she is enjoying a marrow bone on the lawn. Carol and Steve

  • Harold

    Date taken home: Feb-12 Len and I would like to thank you for all the love and excellent care you have given our Harold during his time at Sippy Creek. You are all doing an absolutely fantastic job. Harold loves us to bits and he is the apple of our eye. He is an adorable little fellow and he has already enriched our lives beyond words. All our love and best wishes to you and your dedicated, never-tiring volunteers. Fridelle, Len and Harold (Harold features on our home page this week, SCARS).

  • Henry

    Date taken home: 25th May 2012 Thank you to everyone at the Sunshine Coast Animal Refuge for our lovely dog Henry. We got him from the Refuge on 25th May where he had been taken after he had been abandoned on the side of the road. He continues to grow in confidence everyday. He is a much loved member of our family and a great friend to our 9 year old Labrador Tinka. Thanks again. x

  • Mia

    Date taken home: 25-Feb-12 We adopted and she is getting on very well in Buderim. She was fully house trained and is a great traveller in the car, we have family visiting and she is going to all the tourist spots with us. She is very friendly and very patient with all the kids who want to pat her wherever we go. So many people stop and say how beautiful she is and she laps it all up. Son Thomas takes her for a 6KM walk/run in the morning and we also take her for a 4-5KM walk in the evening. The photo shows what she does inbetween. She chooses the coolest of 3 balconies and she has a cosy corner in the living room with fur rugs to sit with us in the evenings. She sleeps in Thomas' room; every night at bedtime she comes round to everyone and licks us goodnight and gets lots of cuddles, she is very sweet and not at all the aloof husky. All day she follows me around like a shadow, even to the toilet. She has the run of the back garden but she likes one of us to be outside, if we come in she invariably follows us back. inside. She seems happy. Kind regards, Chris Barry-Armstrong

  • Minka

    Date taken home: 2011 Hi Refuge Volunteers, Please find attached a photo of young Minka. She has settled in very well in the Kerr family and has stated her authority as the Queen of the household. The children love her very much and she is eating well. Kind regards, Eric, Mandy, Phoebe, Bryce and Hamish Kerr

  • Murphy

    Date taken home: Dec-11 My new life in Orange NSW. My new brother Max is a nice dog and we get on really well. I am the boss - we worked that out pretty easily and he doesn't mind. He lost his brother and he used to jump the fence but now he stays in the yard with me. You should see my coat which is so glossy. I hope everything is going well at the refuge. Thank you for taking care of me for so long while I waited for me new bosses to find me. I am very happy and I have lots of energy and excitement and I really was worth saving. Murphy xx

  • Benjamin Franklin Esq

    Date taken home: August 2014 It's Kelly and Josh, we recently rescued Benjamin Franklin. Firstly I would like to tell you that he is fitting in wonderfully! Him and his brother Rory are the best of friends and partners in crime. They really are a very cute pair. I added some photos of the pair, just in case you wanted an update :)

  • Bluey

    Date taken home: November 2006 Hi Penny, We’ll bring Bluey to the garage sale to let you and the staff see how he is. He loves having 2 devoted servants. I've attached some photos of him. He is going to be in the photo book for Sippy Creek. His favourite part of the day is first thing in the morning when we take him and a friend down to the river. He acts like a 2 year old down there, and you certainly wouldn't know that he has arthritis in his hind legs. See you soon. Yvonne

  • Bob

    Date taken home: Mid Feb 2013 Hi everyone, It's been a couple of weeks now so I thought I'd email and let you all know how Bob is going. Absolutely in love with my new mate, he is such a lovely boy and seems to have settled right in at home. Bob and I walk at least twice a day plus a game of fetch, as you know he is crazy about. He loves the beach (but not sure about that sea foam). Bob is great with commands and improving on his crazy ball obsession. Thank you for recommending Abby the dog trainer also, saw today for some guidance on the ball obsession which I thoroughly enjoyed, and will catch up again with her in a week or two also, we are going to work with hand command training just incase Bob does go deaf in his other ear I'll be prepared. While I'm here emailing I just wanted to mention how impressed I was with your set up there, you can see how important all the dogs are to you, saw such a loving loyalty to these animals. Talking with others about the refuge who have been out there, they said the same thing. Thanks to the lovely lady who bought Bob out to the yard, she has great knowledge and a warm nature, that made the experience enjoyable.

  • Bonnie

    Date taken home: Nov-12 We chose to give 5 month old Bonnie a 'forever home' As you can see she seems to have settled well !(She's the White Bull Arab X) She loves to play and has given Otis (we adopted him from you in 2009) plenty of exercise! She is still a little nervous of some men, and can be anxious around some other dogs. The fantastic free training session with Abby, has given us lots of tips to ensure Bonnie thrives and plays a positive role in our family.A big thank you for all the hard work you all do at SCAR's. The Hardings

  • Bunny

    Date taken home: May 2013 Dearest Animal Refuge, I purchased my dog named ' Bunny' at the tame, her name is Meli now. She is just a beautiful, placid, entertaining little dog. We are both very happy with each others company. Thank you Regards: VICTORIA

  • Charlie

    Date taken home: Early 2013 My husband and kids were so overjoyed when I arrived home with Charlie! They really wanted him to come live with us and couldn’t believe it when he came home with me.
    Charlie is so happy and we are with him 24 hours a day, along with his mate Molly (who we received from the RSPCA Noosa a month ago). Molly seems happier too with Charlie by her side. He loves the farm, although the last few days it has been raining all the time, so he hasn’t had the romping around the paddocks that he was getting every day. We had to teach him not to chase the chickens and the horses … and the neighbours all love him and cuddle him too.
    Molly and Charlie play together and wrestle and have a ball, then they sleep together and have a lounge chair where they snuggle up, and we also snuggle up with them and watch TV. They are constantly being patted. When I work in the office during the day, they both have beds next to me. Both our dogs are very spoilt for attention and love and have everything they could want. If it’s not raining this week-end, Charlie will go fishing with the boys. When my husband arrives home from work in the mornings, I open the door and he races downstairs, runs around the car and when the car door opens, he leaps into his lap! He is so excited to see him come home.

  • Chloe

    Date taken home: April 2011 Hi every one, I just though I would send you a picture of Chloe and her best friend Leroy in the background. Chloe was called Noodle when we got her from you in April 2011. Chloe and Leroy share the same sleeping quarters, our closed in back veranda. We quite often find Chloe rubbing up against Leroy and sleeping next to his bed. Chloe has the most beautiful, gentle personality. She gets carried all over the house by Duante' 6yrs and Michael Jr 7yrs. She is more than happy to lay on my lap while I brush her. Thank you for Chloe, she has completed our family.

  • Ruby

    Date taken home: July 2013 Hello, Sorry it has taken a while to email and I have missed a couple of calls... but emailing to let you guys know that cinders who we adopted a couple of weeks ago (and is now named ruby) is going very well. She seemed to fit in within hours and has not left my side since. She is absolutely lovely and is being treated like a princess. She is loving her time everyday at the beach or park. She is very obedient and affectionate .. I could not ask for a better dog. Have bonded very well. :)) Shenae

  • Coco

    Date taken home: June 2013 Coco is doing really well she is very friendly she doesn't leave us alone, she is our new alarm clock for early hours in the morning running up an down the hall way an playing with her toys at 3:30 to 4.30. Thank you Bek an Ayla

  • Eden

    Date taken home: 2012 This is "Eden" now Kitty! We took her home early last year. I do split shifts so usually have a little kip during the day, she's always up for nap time with me. She is by far the coolest cat I've ever had!
    She is definitely our forever cat!

  • Theo

    Date taken home: August 2013 Hello there, I recently brought home Eric too meet the rest of my family, they loved him, but we thought the name Theo would suit him better. Theo has settled in very well, and very quickly, we love having him around and watching him explore the backyard, most of all his gentle cuddles. Thanks again, we love Theo to bits! X :) From Madeleine

  • Farley

    Date taken home: Dec-12 Hey guys just before Christmas I came in and adopted Farley so I am just giving you an update on my little princess! She is loving her new life she is spoilt rotten and loves to play she came to my home town of Kingaroy for Christmas and played with my mums rag doll cat called Gus she got so many gifts from Santa paws and has almost broken them all she loves to come crawl into bed after a hard day of playing! We love her to bits thank you all at sippy creek for being so helpful

  • Fred & George

    Date taken home: April 2013 Just wanted to let you know that Fred and George have made themselves at home and are running the house! Very much loved :) thank you guys

  • Henry

    Date taken home: March 2013 Hi All!
    Just thought I would send you some pics and an update on Henry! He has settled in so well. So different from when we first met at Sippy. He is loving life in his new home – he has put on a bit of weight….he is quite fond of his food! His favourite spot is on his very own lambswool blanket on my bed. He has become my constant companion – he is wherever I am! His personality has gone from a little grumpy at Sippy to affectionate at home – he loves his cuddles and his belly rubs! I am so happy to have him share my home – I can’t imagine life without him now! I can’t thank you enough for my little boy – he is just so precious! Kind Regards Heather

  • Hero

    Date taken home: March 2008 Hello to all the wonderful people at Sippy creek, I was adopted 25th March 2008, maybe Kym remembers me I do have a face you don't forget. I'm doing pretty well. I travel everywhere with my family, I have just had a 6 month holiday in Tasmania had a wonderful time lots of running around in the country and sitting by the fire, I am wearing my new coat in the picture I was the smartest dog in Tasmania.I now live in Cairns and have been here over 2 years, Thank you all for taking care of me and my mum and dad really love me,that's because I am the best dog. Thanks again Jacqui and Glen and Hero

  • Honey

    Date taken home: 20 Nov 14 Thank you so much for allowing me to bring this beautiful girl home. The first night of her being here, she has played on the ping pong table and she also tried to sleep on my head at night! I think it's safe to say that she is a happy little girl.

  • Bandit

    Date taken home: Nov 2014 Hi there! We recently adopted the most gorgeous little kitten named Hugo from the refuge. I just wanted to send you a quick email to say we absolutely adore him. We named him Bandit because of his little mustache and he's definitely a mischief maker (like all kittens I'm sure). He has settled in to our home easily and as you can see - he LOVES the Christmas tree. A BIG thank you to all the workers and volunteers at the Sunshine Coast Animal Refuge for providing such an incredible service to the community. Your refuge provided a safe environment for Hugo's mum Honey to deliver a litter of beautiful kittens. If it weren't for you, little Bandit wouldn't be blessing our lives with so much joy every day. We are completely over the moon with our little guy and I have to give a special mention to Amy for letting us know that the perfect addition to our family was waiting for us at the refuge. Thank you Amy! Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you all!
    Lauren, John, Winter (the German Shepherd) and now Bandit!

  • Matty

    Date taken home: 2010 Three years ago today, we adopted Matty from your Refuge to welcome him to our family. Matty is about 8 years of age now and, after moving from acreage, is enjoying life with us at sandgate, together with his mate, Tilly (a border collie X cattle dog, who was also a surrendered dog). As his backyard has shrunk in size, we very much enjoy runs and walks along the waterfront and he loves nothing more than afternoons spent at the beach swimming in the ocean and sprinting along the wet sand with Tilly.
    We frequently enjoying camping trips and he never ceases to amaze us with his loyalty, warmth and character. Matty is learning to be much more friendly with other dogs but always amazes me how gentle he is with puppies! I remember that when we first met him at the Refuge he was penned with a troupe of puppies and patiently tolerated all their excitement.
    Each year, we like to make a small donation to your Refuge on the anniversary of Matty's adoption. We have donated through your website today. I also follow you on Facebook and hope that our small donation helps you to continue the wonderful work you do to provide beautiful dogs just like Matty with another chance at finding their forever home.

  • Sassy

    Date taken home: Mar-12 We adopted Sassy in March 2012 and we wouldn't have had it any other way. Of couse just like any lab Sassy loves her food especially jam and fresh cream butterfly cakes. Sassy has fitted well into our family, and brings a lot of fun and joy to our house hold. She is quiet mischievous when it comes to food, she quite frequently opens up our back door and helps her-self by dragging it outside or knocking it down. She also loves getting into anything that she can destroy or that makes noises. When we first got Sassy we couldn't get her into the water but now with a little bit of reassurance she will go in but as soon as she goes in she is out again. We are working our way into her fear of hoses and vacuums she run and hides when these come out, so hopefully we can help her overcome this fear.
    Thank you for allowing Sassy to come to your Refuge. If you hadn't have allowed her to be adopted, we wouldn't be able to call Sassy our beautiful,mischievous and affectionate Labrador who we have always wanted.
    Thanks again, Manix Family and Sassy