Name: Sprinkles & Prissy - SCARS 100+ Club
Breed: Bull Arab x Pointer and a Cattle Dog x Staffy
Price: $250 for the Pair
Age: 9 years & 7 years
Sex: Female
Desexed: Yes
Weight: 34 Kg & 21 Kg

 Sprinkles came in with her best friend Prissie whom are looking to stay together. They are both very affectionate and friendly natured dogs that have been taught some basic obedience and walk well on the lead. They have never lived with cats, but seemed ok seeing and sniffing cats outside of Cattery. Sprinkles and Prissie love a car ride and going to the park, they have lived with older children and are generally outside dogs. They are both fine meeting other dogs here at the refuge and adore people. Please come in and meet this terrific twosome, you just might fall in love!

Things you need to know

Requires Fencing?
Yes - Secure fencing with no holes or gaps
Required Exercise?
Once a day
Any special needs or medical requirements?

Sprinkles & Prissy - SCARS 100+ Club's perfect home would be

Suitable for a home with?
Will fit into most homes easily