Name: Bronx
Breed: Staffordshire X
Price: $425.00
Age: 3 months
Available: Now
Sex: Male
Desexed: Yes
Weight: 6.7 kg

Meet Bronx what a lovely young chap he is he is full of life, happy,friendly natured pup and eager to please. All pups may chew dig and destroy, so they all need training and guidance to help them become well rounded canine citizens. Chew toys and other activities are recommended. He loves going to beach for a swim and is very friendly around other dogs. Loves playing with toys. He is good on a lead but  will need some training and guidance to ensure he fits into your family.  You will need a sturdy enclosed yard with a secured fencing to keep him safe. Come and meet Bronx at the shelter make sure you bring your family and other animal friends. 

Things you need to know

Requires Fencing?
Yes - Secure fencing with no holes or gaps
Required Exercise?
Once a day
Any special needs or medical requirements?

Bronx's perfect home would be

Suitable for a home with?
Will fit into most homes easily