Name: Willow
Breed: Domestic Medium Hair
Price: $65
Age: 7 1/2 Years
Sex: Female
Desexed: Yes
Weight: 4.3 Kg

Willow is a mellow lady with a relaxed and easy going quiet nature, where she likes to do her own thing. She lived on acreage in her previous home with other cats, ducks, chooks, dogs and children. Willow is fine to pick up and handle for short periods but is not a lap cat preferring to take a seat next to you snuggling in a blanket or on a pillow. She also likes to sit and play in cardboard boxes as a past time and to be petted on her head, she will let you know when she has had enough. Willow is good meeting visitors in the home and always ready to have a chat. She is used to having access to both indoors and out, so supervised yard time, another acreage or cat run would be great for Willow. She would make such a loving and loyal friend, so bring in all the family to meet Willow before going home.

Things you need to know

Requires Fencing?
Required Exercise?
None required
Any special needs or medical requirements?

Willow's perfect home would be

Suitable for a home with?
Will fit into most homes easily