Name: Phetta
Breed: Devon Rex
Price: $150
Age: 9 years 7 months
Available: Now
Sex: Male
Desexed: Yes
Weight: 4.4 kg

Calling previous Devon Rex or Cornish Rex owners please or someone willing to learn his needs: Phetta is a lovely boy, and we are searching for a very special and understanding home for him. We are asking for someone with experience of this breed or have done the research to contact us. Phetta needs a home with NO other cats please. Other cats and dogs stress this boy out, so a home without them please. New owner needs to be understanding that he needs to have time to settle in, as he has had a lot of changes in his life, and does require some stability for the rest of his days. Phetta enjoys lazing around in his bed listening to his favourite radio show, he also likes having a head and chin scratch. Are you this special person? If so, please come in and meet this darling fellow.

Things you need to know

Requires Fencing?
Required Exercise?
None required
Any special needs or medical requirements?
Previous Devon Rex or Cornish Rex owners to apply please.
Phetta's perfect home would be

Suitable for a home with?
Will fit into most homes easily,No cats,No other dogs

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