Name: Macy
Breed: Russian Blue
Price: $75
Age: 11 Years
Sex: Female
Desexed: Yes
Weight: 5 Kg

Introducing Macy Blue! She is a cool cat with rhythm, a soft voice and splendid purrs. Macy is looking for a fun family to join that will have her living in luxury. She is very cruisy and has a sweet nature. Macy had access to the garden in her previous home where she liked to sit on her chair in the sun, watching birds as her previous owner liked to feed the lorikeets.  Macy has not lived with other animals but was fine with the neigbours chooks and small dog, she is also good around other cats here in the refuge. Used to teenage grandchildren visiting, but will hide away from small children. Macy prefers to be stroked and petted over being handled too much, will squirm out of arms, but is okay to pick up for short periods. Come in and meet Macy today!

Things you need to know

Requires Fencing?
Required Exercise?
None required
Any special needs or medical requirements?

Macy's perfect home would be

Suitable for a home with?
Will fit into most homes easily,Children over 6 years