Name: Garrod
Breed: Domestic Short Hair
Price: $49 - Silly Season Sale
Age: 1 1/2 years
Sex: Male
Desexed: Yes
Weight: 5.2 Kg

Garrod is a handsome black cat whom is inquisitive and confident with a friendly nature. He likes to rub up against you and receive pats, where he prefers being stroked over handled too much. Garrod came to us from the local Pound with out any known history and now he is searching for his ideal family to love and care for him. Toys and food puzzle games are great to keep him happy and stimulated. Garrod appears to be fine near other cats here in the cattery and enjoys seeking attention from visitors. 

Things you need to know

Requires Fencing?
Required Exercise?
None required
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Garrod's perfect home would be

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Will fit into most homes easily