What my foster carer says about us.... Cristiano & Cairo are learning that humans are okay and have come a long way in foster care. Cairo (the girl) is very affectionate and enjoys her pats and chin rubs - she often gives her humans full face smooches and nose boops. Her brother, Cristiano, is still learning to trust humans and will need some time to feel safe in his new home. They are well bonded and very affectionate and playful with one another.
Cristiano & Cairo absolutely love their toys, especially ping pong balls and feather wands! Both are great eaters, being big fans of chicken, tuna and definitely crunchies. They also have excellent litter tray habits and would be very happy to have a scratching post of their own. They also appear to be good with other cats and dogs.
Name: Cairo & Cristiano SCARS 💯+ Club
Breed: Domestic Short Hair x Manx
Price: $98 for the pair Scars 💯+ Forgotten Friends September campaign
Age: 8 Month old siblings
Sex: Female
Desexed: Yes

Currently in foster care, please call the refuge to arrange a meet and greet 54945275. Cairo and Cristiano are looking for a loving and understanding home together. They came into the refuge after being found in a school ground when they were very young and have since then been learning the world is not such a scary place. Cairo is a very beautiful looking girl and is playful with her sibling. She likes to be stroked gently and is fine with being held for short periods. Cristiano has more of a shy nature and looks to his sibling for confidence. A quiet home without any small children would suit these two. 

Things you need to know

Requires Fencing?
Required Exercise?
None required
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Cairo & Cristiano SCARS 💯+ Club's perfect home would be

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Will fit into most homes easily,No children