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Friday, December 20, 2013

This year we have welcomed Sami Muirhead on as our celebrity Patron and also Rosy Symons as our other Patron. Both are doing  a fantastic job and taking their roles very seriously. We have reached 7,000 friends on facebook, which is wonderful - the more people that know about us the more of our animals that will get adopted. We saw some of our residents going as far a Perth in Western Australia this year. We would like to give a big shout out to Hot 91.1 and the Sunshine Coast Daily who have provided us with lots of support this year and run many promotions and stories throughout the year to help our cause.

It has also been a Fantastic year for fundraising with the Annual garage sale raising the better part of $30,000 this year! Well done Rosy and the team. Also we recently held both our Santa Paws day and excitingly our first major offsite event - the Movie Fundraiser at Birch Carroll & Coyle Sunshine Plaza which raised $3700!! We are making this an annual event (next time in July we think) and are now planning for the Opening of the CCC and for a major fundraiser in the form of a Gala lunch or dinner next year. Watch this space as details will start to surface soon.
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