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Nursing Home visits 2015

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Reflections from SCARS volunteer visiting the Nursing Homes with Maggie the Silky Terrier and Ziggie the Labrador
What an eventful day.
So many smiling faces
Gnarled hands reaching out to pat the soft hair of our two visiting dogs
Some residents recognised our “Maggie” and called to her

After patting our beautiful Ziggie one gentleman was encouraged to tell us (via his communication board) of his many fishing adventures, a far cry from the quiet reticent man the staff sees each day
The memory loss residents really take part in ball throwing up and down the corridors which Maggie loves and just talking to the dogs.
We move from area to area connecting with each resident and offering a pat and cuddles with our lovely dogs. Even one lady lying in a bed that we had been told would not respond, spotted our dogs and immediately sat up to pat them and to chat with us
We look forward to visiting the two Residential Care Units each month and we hope the residents have some of the happy memories we have shared. Certainly when we talk to some of them they talk about loving memories of dogs in their lives
Maggie and Ziggie go home with tails wagging having done a great job of licking, sitting for treats and being hugged and patted- what a hard life they have!! And we the volunteers head home with a smile and a glow in our hearts.
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