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Doggie Diary November 2015

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

A great month of adoptions for dogs so far, with the long termers Hector, Hayley , Sandy and Apache finding homes. Hayley went off to live in a “share house “ situation. This is what Hayley does best, help be a companion for these guys. Sadly  Hayley’s last “share home” situation was sold up and the residents moved to different places, this then meant Hayley had to come and live in the refuge, so we now have one very happy girl! And early reports suggest she is ‘lapping’ up all the attention. A great end of year story.

The puppies have finally been finding homes and we only have one left which is great news!

Lot’s of lovely donations coming in for the dogs for Christmas which is brilliant and all of our dogs on the SCARS wishing tree have pressies under the tree waiting for Christmas morning.
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