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Around the Dogs in December

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The dog enrichment area finally came to fruition in early November. A big thankyou to the following people and businesses who made this possible; Boom Shankar (Noosa) for the $500 donation, Rosemount Turf for the turf, T&G sand and gravel for the fillers and there were many  members of the public who bought us enrichment toys and things. Thankyou everyone!

It is a well known fact that dogs who spend too much time at the refuge do start to get bored and often lack mental stimulation they would otherwise be exposed to in a loving home environment. This can often lead to behavioural problems. Our volunteers and this yard is making a difference! The dogs have been enjoying the extra stimulation and one on one time they get to spend with our volunteers. A well spent and thought out addition to the dog area. Here are some photos in the Enrichment Yard. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank Brian Price for his enormous effort in making this yard a reality. We have decided to show our appreciation by now calling the yard "Brian’s Enrichment Yard". Thankyou Brian!

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