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Cattery Capers 2018

Monday, December 10, 2018

We have so  many gorgeous adult cats and kittens at the moment. Wonderful that none of our cats are on the SCARS 100+ list, as all who were on the list, have since been adopted! YAY:) We still have so many ready to go to homes for Christmas! Take advantage of our SCARS Silly Season which sees adult cats available to adopt for just $49!

We have had a number of cats and kittens rescued from hoarding situations this year. Many of them were in very bad condition, some even requiring eyes to be removed...very sad. We encourage anyone who is in this situation to reach out for help from your local animal welfare organisation - SCARS will do what it can to help. 

Many wonderful adopters shared their homes with our cats and kittens this year. Sophia, Roxy and Stirfry come to mind as stand outs who's adoptions created great joy for our cattery volunteers!

Our foster program for mother cats and kittens has continued to be a "life saver" literally this year with hundreds of kittens being fostered and adopted this year. At the moment we have another 30 kittens in foster and over 10 at SCARS waiting to be adopted. With our Kitten Silly Season Saturday & Sunday promo on the weekend of the 15th / 16th December - its well worth popping out to meet them. They are adoptable for $149 (usually $225) and all are desexed, micro chipped, vaccinated - the lot!

We have really focused on enriching our cats at SCARS this year and even have a big Cat Wheel that was kindly donated by one of our Gold Paws Business Sponsors, Youi Insurance. Our cats love doing their morning and afternoon exercise on it:) 

Keep your eyes peeled in the New Year as we partner with Hobbits Knob Cat Retreat when they open the Sunny Coast's first Cat Retreat Cafe at Chevallum. Our SCARS adult cats will be spending time there with Tania and her team and hoping to make friends with the people popping in for cuddles and coffee and hopefully even get adopted:) Can't wait!

Doggie Diary 2018

Monday, December 10, 2018

What a year its been in the Dogs at SCARS. First of all we introduced the SCARS 100+ Club who are cats and dogs who have been waiting at SCARS for 100 days or more:( Fantastic news that all our cats got adopted, but sadly we still have dogs at SCARS who have been there over 100 days now. 

Lexus, Dylan, Cleo, Prissy and Sprinkles, Ruby and Rocket, Sidney, Chicka and Yoda all donned their Christmas party outfits above to show you they are ready to spend the festive season in your home.  Pop down and meet them as they are really great dogs just looking for a second chance this holidays. All come with "settle them in" training packages now too, which will be a great way to help them adjust to life outside of the shelter. Give them a chance...a second chance. Adopt them for just $149 or $199 for the pairs, Prissy and Sprinkles and Ruby and Rocket.

Some of our dogs have been lucky to have weekly massages with Emily from Maxxwell Australia. Yoda is one of the SCARS 100+ club who has enjoyed very much his massages! Thanks Emily:)

Great news as well with our Members voting on and approving a new purpose built building for our dogs, at the SGM in November. With some of our facility buildings being 40 years old next year, this is a much needed update for the dogs! Watch this space for more details.

SCARS 2019 Calendar and more

Monday, December 10, 2018

Looking for some Christmas gifts and stocking fillers?? Why not pop over to the website online shop. Our new SCARS 2019 Calendars are here!! They are great for a christmas gift at only $15. We have gorgeous Axle, one of our SCARS 100+ on the front cover this year! Thankfully he has found a wonderful home after spending over 300 days waiting at SCARS.

There are lots of ideas for gifts on the website so pop over and check it out. We have Christmas cards, Christmas gift tags, bags, water bottles, t-shirts and pens to name a few. Our caps are awesome too! Click here to purchase now! Help support our cats and dogs by purchasing our goodies and help make their Christmas a special time as well:) 

Fundraising News 2018

Monday, December 10, 2018

A number of successful fundraisers this year with our 2nd Furball on the Beach kicking the 2018 off in March. Raising $36,000 for animal welfare, we showed the Sunny Coast how to party at sunset on the beach. Many memories made and much fun had. Watch this space as we are about to announce our major 40th Birthday celebration event which will replace the Furball on the Beach in 2019. Furball on the Beach will be back in 2020 though:)

The SCARS & 4 Paws Walk for Awareness was also a roaring success with over 200 people and their dogs turning up to raise awareness of the plight of rescue cats and dogs on the Sunny Coast. Loads of great stalls and nearly $4,000 raised for our rescues.

Santa Paws was a wonderful success again this year with over 70 families bringing their pets out to sit on Santa's lap! We raised around $3,000 on the day too:) A wonderful day and so lovely to see old and new friends and ex SCARS cats and dogs. A massive THANKS to Trudy, our volunteer photographer, who makes the best Santa photos on the Sunny 

Coast. We look forward to seeing you all again at the next Santa Paws day in 2019.

Thanks to all of our volunteers who turn up and out for these events, to help keep the wheels turning and ensure the public and their furbabies are well looked after, no matter what the occasion. Getting out into the community is so important to our SCARS cats and dogs in helping to get them adopted and also helping us to get support throughout the year. It never ceases to amaze us how many Sunny Coasters don't even know about their local animal refuge, and when they see us out in public are so excited and grateful for what we do. Want to join in and help us out? Pop to our Want to Volunteer page on the website.

Our "All I want for Christmas" appeal is on now - call up, pop out in donate on line to help make the season a festive one for our cats and dogs too! 

And again date claimer Sunday January 20th for our 40th birthday party at SCARS. Put it in your diary:) Keep your eyes peeled for our other SCARS 40th Birthday Celebration events planned for 2019.

Festive Season 2018

Monday, December 10, 2018

The festive season means four things to us at SCARS; fireworks and storms, heat, holidays and hopefully loads of adoptions!

Being a responsible pet owner in the festive season means making sure your animals are safe during storms and fireworks, secure fencing and a safe place inside to shelter, make sure they have lots of water and shade available in the heat too. Use simple ways to keep them cool; don't walk dogs in the heat of the day and use ice in water bowls to help them keep cool. Make sure your beloved pet is looked after if you are going away, book boarding kennels early or look into qualified pet sitters if you have missed out on a place to board them. If you are holidaying at home and having lots of visitors, make sure your pets have some quiet time away from all of the festive cheer! And make sure they are not eating our christmassy treats.

Our most important message is probably....if you are considering adding a four legged friend to your family, please do RESCUE and ADOPT! Do your research though and don't buy puppies and kittens as gifts for people unless you are really sure they want one. We prefer that people pick their own cat or dog. After all its a big commitment; cats and dogs can live a long time! so do your research and save an animal that suits your lifestyle, exercise tolerance, your family and your kids, where you live and know the cost of keeping them safe and healthy. 

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